Wahoo Paint Chart


Colors Used How to Apply
100 Base Coat Sealer  Spray 2 coats over entire fish
971 Silver Metallic Entire Fish
702 Pure Whitea Lower belly and inside mouth
201 Rich Brown Spray lightly from eye to tail approximately 3 inches wide
602 Paynes Grey Top of back, upper fins, tail and pectoral fin.
503 Sailfish Blue Same as 602
961 Grey Pearl Sides and upper belly
601 Jet Black Darken fins, tail, pectorals and top of back
971 Silver Metallic Create vertical stripes
911 Iridescent Red Lightly on lower sides
941 Iridescent Green Lower jaw. Spray from tail to head direction on sides and back
951 Iridescent Blue Spray for head to tail direction on top of head and upper sides
101 Gill Red Gills
102 Natural Flesh Vent and lightly in mouth
Gloss 2 to 3 coats. Allow at least 15 minutes between coats.
NOTES: This is a tough fish to get right. Good reference is a must. The vertical side markings run the spectrum of colors. If you can imagine pouring paint down the length of the fish from the top.......that's what the side markings look like. Good Luck : )
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