Speckled Trout Bodies

Speckled Trout Bodies

Speckled Trout bodies for skin mounting.

Designed by Bob Turner

Smooth, foam construction. 3/4" plywood block molded in.

Quick Instructions: Rough up form with sandpaper or wire brush. Wipe down with acetone or lacquer thinner (to remove mold separator). Use fine mache or water-based hide paste over form. Clay or mache should be used at head and tail junctions and fin bases. Adjust skin and staple back seam. Fill cheeks with clay and set eyes. Use T-pins to hold fins in place. Card fins with water-proof card board (milk carton works well). Set mount aside to dry.

How to Measure: Size is determined by body length and width. NOT by weight.

  • Take the following two measurements:
  • Middle of the eye to base of tail
  • Girth around belly
  • Choose a body 1/2" smaller in both length and girth.

RFL = Left Turn

RFR = Right Turn