Waterfowl Heads

  • Designed by Randy Turner, Lone Star Taxidermy Supply Co.
  • Excellent Detail No Shrinkage to Rebuild
  • No Pinholes
  • Paint before installing, eliminates over-spray on feathers
  • No neck incision = No sewing of neck incision
  • Windpipe cutout molded into head
  • Skulls are accurate size, not "over-sculpted"
  • Completely bug-proof
  • Creates a very strong head-to-neck union
  • Some heads shown in product description are painted. Unless you check the "Painted Head" option, your head will be unpainted.
  • Some heads are available "Open Mouth". If they are, there will be an option on the product page to choose open mouth or not. By default, the option is closed mouth.
  • ****Always wipe heads down with Acetone, Lacquer Thinner or any surface prepping solution, before painting heads. ****
  • For a How-To slideshow on using artificial duck heads click HERE
  • If your getting a Canada Goose Head, Click Here for a head comparison pic. 
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