BlueGill Paint Chart


Colors Used How to Apply
100 Basecoat Sealer Entire fish
701 Pure White Mist lower belly, inside mouth, and center portions of soft dorsal, anal and tail
972 Silver Pearl Mist entire fish lightly
302 Golden Yellow Spray cheeks, upper sides and lower side down to white. Spray upper and lower portions heavier, leaving yellow lighter in center of fish
503 Sailfish Blue Mist lightly on cheeks and over golden yellow on midsection of sides
402 Medium Green Angle spray from head toward base of tail. Spray back and upper side down to lateral line
404 Black Green Thin 50% with 900 thinner and spray at an extreme angle from belly toward back, spray vertical bars and dark flecks on fish. Start  at the top and work toward belly
801 Vivid Orange Spray a medium coat on breast area
504 Pale Blue Spray a light coat on gill cover and under throat on head only. Keep overspray off orange on breast
601 Jet Black Spray ear flap and spot on dorsal fin
500 Gold Toner Add 1 part Gold Toner to 10 parts 100 Basecoat Sealer. Spray over entire fish to liking
951 Iridescent Blue Very lightly mist center portion of cheeks and sides
981 Orange Pearlescent Mist over orange on breast
982 Copper Pearlescent Very lightly mist over top of head and upper back
934 Gold Sparkle Mist cheeks and sides lightly
Gloss Entire Fish
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