Silver/Chinook Salmon Paint Chart

Silver/Chinook Salmon

Colors Used How to Apply
100 Basecoat Sealer 2 coats over entire fish
971 Silver Metallic Body of fish. Stop on tail where scales end. This is a very hard edge.
702 Pure White Lower belly, gill covers
975 Chrome Pearlescent Over 971 and 702
207 Tie-In Brown Top of head and back
472 Transparent Medium Green Over 207
202 Burn Sienna All fins and shade into tail
473 Transparent Dark Green Darken back, shade fins and tail
601 Jet Black Spots on back, shade fins. Darken back if necessary. Inside mouth. Use reference.
171 Candy Gill Red Lightly down middle of sides
Gloss 2 or 3 coats. Allow 15 minutes between coats
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