Redfish Paint Chart


Colors Used

How to Apply

100 Basecoat Sealer Entire fish
971 Silver Metallic Entire body of fish, excluding fins
702 Pure White Lower Belly, ventral and anal fins, inside of mouth and front of face
972 Silver Pearl Spray over white areas and upper sides
106 Mars Red Spray to of head and back allowing mist to fall onto sides
802 Mallard Orange Optional. Gives more of a gold appearance
935 Metallic Gold Top and sides of fish, spray rows of scales in tail
932 Gold Pearl Spray over 935
203 Dark Brown Edges of scales

271 Candy Rich Brown

or 921 Brown Pearlescent

Darken middle of each scale on back and sides
601 Jet Black Darken spot or spots, lightly shade fins
302 Golden Yellow Halo black spots
801 Vivid Orange Pectoral fins and between scale rows on tail
975 Chrome Pearlescent Trailing edge of all scales on sides and belly
104 Dark Red Gills
702 Pure White Clean up mouth and gill area
Gloss Entire Fish
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