Red Snapper Paint Chart

Red Snapper


Colors Used

How to Apply

100 Basecoat Sealer Entire fish
702 Pure White Inside mouth, lower fins, belly and sides up to the lateral line. Spray from tail to head direction
973 White Pearl Cover white areas, spraying from tail to head
106 Mars Red Spray top of head and back letting paint mist catch front of scales on upper and middle sides, upper fins and tail. Spray across ventral, pectoral and anal fins
105 Red Violet Spray over 106 from same angle
135 Neon Magenta Lightly over red on body
271 Candy Rich Brown Top of back to lateral line. Shade dorsal fins and tail. Darken each scale on upper sides
975 Chrome Pearl Spray light coat on entire fish. Spray from tail to head direction
601 Jet Black Spray very fine edge on tail
951 Iridescent Blue Light mist on back and tail
Gloss Entire Fish
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