Jackfish, Jack Crevalle Paint Chart

Jack Crevalle, Jackfish


Colors Used How to Apply
100 Basecoat Sealer Entire Fish
971 Silver Metallic Body of fish
702 Pure White Belly and lower sides, ventral fins and inside mouth
972 Silver Pearl Over white areas and into fins and tail
207 Tie-In Brown Top of head, upper back, spiny dorsal and lightly shade dorsal fin and tail
303 Yellow Ochre Lower fins, tail and leading edge of soft dorsal
304 Wooduck Yellow Lightly go over 303 and shade pectoral fins. (Some specimens have yellow blotches on lower jaw and belly)
453 Transparent Dark Green or 473 Candy Dark Green Top of head and back
932 Gold Pearl Sides of body and cheeks. Spraying from tail towards head
601 Jet Black Dark spot on gill cover and spot on base of pectoral fin
271 Candy Rich Brown Top of head and back, spraying across all fins and tail from the leading edge of fins
911 Iridescent Red Lightly on lower belly from tail to head
104 Dark Red Gills
702 Pure White "Clean up" mouth, face and gill area
Gloss Entire Fish
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