Large mouth Bass Paint Chart

Largemouth Bass

Colors Used

How to Apply

100 Basecoat Sealer Entire fish
701 Off White Gill covers, inside mouth, belly, lower sides, ventral and anal fin
973 White Pearl Go over white areas up to lateral line
207 Tie-In Brown Apply over any epoxy work (skin mount), top of back
353 Transparent Amber Oxide Lightly spray lower sides, no lower than dark scales. Anal fin and lower cheeks
942 Bass Green Metallic Same as 353, spraying from tail towards head. Go further up the sides. Spray tail and anal fin lightly
472 Candy Medium Green Top of back, letting spray fall onto upper sides, tail, spiny dorsal and shade anal fin
931 Iridescent Gold Spray towards head from upper sides to belly
404 Black Green Darken top of head, front of lower lip and reproduce markings (use reference)
573 Candy Sailfish Blue Lightly on back and soft dorsal fin
601 Jet Black Shade fins and darken back if necessary
941 Iridescent Green Lower jaw, upper sides and middle of tail
951 Iridescent Blue Lightly on top of back and soft dorsal fin
101 Gill Red Gills
701 Off White "Clean up" inside mouth, gill area and mandibles
102 Natural Flesh Vent
Gloss Entire Fish

Notes: For slightly redder fins, spray lightly with 107 Bright Flesh.

Gold tipping of scales on the upper sides and back you can use 934 Gold Sparkle or 931 Iridescent Gold mixed with a few drops of 902 Thickener. Applied with a small brush.

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