Dorado, Dolphin Paint Chart

Dorado, Dolphin, Mahi-mahi

A very "fun" fish to paint. If you have 20 reference photos of dorado, you will have 20 different ways to paint them!


Colors Used

How to Apply

100 Basecoat Sealer Entire Fish
971 Silver Metallic Entire body of fish
702 Pure White Lower belly, anal fin and tail
304 Wooduck Yellow Go over 702 and higher up on sides. Darken tail and lower edge of anal fin
331 Neon Yellow Over 304
434 Neon Green Top sides of fish and sail, spraying toward head
501 Ocean Blue Sail and top of head and back, spraying from head towards tail
531 Neon Blue Top of head, back and dorsal fin, spraying from head towards tail
953 Blue Pearlescent Spray over 531. Spray tips of all fins heavily
975 Chrome Pearlescent Lower and middle sides, spraying from tail towards head
912 Red Pearlescent Over 975, spraying same direction
601 Jet Black Spots on sail. Spots on body. Shade fins if necessary.
505 Turkey Head Blue Many spots on head and body (Use Reference)
104 Dark Red Gills
702 Pure White "Clean up" mouth, face and gill area
Gloss Entire fish
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