Black Grouper Paint Chart

Black Grouper


Colors Used

How to Apply

100 Basecoat Sealer Entire Fish
701 Off White Lower belly, and inside of mouth
206 Buckskin Tan Shade into white and up to lateral line
701 Pure White Reproduce "chain markings" up to just above the lateral line
601 Jet Black Make rectangular blotches on body sides (use reference). Apply to dorsal, anal, pectoral fins and tail wide black margins. In between spines on ventral fins.
936 Deep Gold Pearl Hexagonal spots on cheeks and lower sides
802 Mallard Orange Thin edge of pectoral fins
Note: Some specimens have a grey or blueish margin on tail and anal fins, use 603 Neutral Grey for this
104 Dark Red Gills
Gloss Entire Fish
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