Black Drum Paint Chart

Black Drum

Colors Used

How to apply

100 Basecoat Sealer Entire Fish
971 Silver Metallic Entire body of fish
701 Off White Belly, lower sides, inside of mouth, anal and ventral fins
961 Grey Pearlescent Top of head and back, upper sides, upper fins and tail, spraying from head to tail


936 Deep Gold Pearl or

933 Bronze Metallic

Over 961, spraying from tail to head
102 Natural Flesh Optional. Some specimens have a pinkish cast. To acheive this, spray 102 lightly over 933 or 936
104 Dark Red Base of all fins, bottom base of tail, gills
601 Jet Black Lightly reproduce vertical bars, if present. Shade all fins and tail. Darken Back
102 Natural Flesh Vent, Inside mouth
701 Off White "clean up" mouth, face and gill area
Gloss Entire Fish
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